There is love in my heart, love that is bursting to escape. It is a great pounding, thumping kind of love that is impossible to ignore. Mundane life denies the opportunity for me to sing from the rooftops and swing from the stars in sheer jubilation.

I was struck, struck with all the madness and chaos that romantic love brings along with it. I now dance upon the clouds from dawn til dusk and yet I restrain myself, for the world expects me to just sit still and process.

All that time, the external observer may regard me remaining still and devoted to my tasks – and yet they may miss the fact that internally, there are waterfalls and fireworks and orchestras all celebrating and inspiring and enrapturing me.

I am purely love-struck – and I am thankful that I met you and grew to know you and fell in love with you – it has brought something extra to my life that energizes me in ways I had no idea were possible.

Thank you!