Laughing It Off With My Friends

Before this weekend, people kept asking me what I had planned for the weekend. I think it must have sounded odd to them when I said that Jack and I were working. Bank holidays don’t effect our work as volunteers, in fact, we are usually more busy.

But I did fit some extra things in…including…a bra-fitting (which is always traumatic, but it feels great to have bras that fit really well), attending a Christian service with a group of friends which was very enjoyable, and having supper and drinking wine with some friends of ours that we have not seen since before the Pandemic.

I had forgotten how funny they were! It was so good for me to enjoy their company. My we laughed. And when I related some of the little challenges I have encountered with my new job, well their humour just had me shaking with laughter.


5 thoughts on “Laughing It Off With My Friends”

  1. I remember when I was shopping in Paris I had a bra fitting that involved a woman peering at me and then groping my chest. She then picked a size and handed it to me, and it fit perfectly. That was the first time I’d ever had a bra fitting, and didn’t realize that they’re not normally anything like that…


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