The Perks Of Work

I am trying to think positively about my new job and think about the positive aspects of my new job. My tummy is telling me that I should first of all tell you about the lunch break each day.

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We have a one hour lunch break…and we are pressured (in a positive way) to take that hour lunch break. If you don’t take it, you will be sure to receive a lecture about wellbeing and productivity. That makes a huge difference to my former role.

So I have been making the most of this one hour lunch break by preparing the yummiest meals imaginable. Mostly they are salads, but very sexy salads. But I have also made stunning soups, phenomenal pastas, sensational sandwiches and quintessential quiches! In fact, this evening I have been making a ridiculously yummy gnocchi bake with spinach, peas, pesto, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella. I can’t wait to eat it tomorrow!

Being able to take a proper break and enjoy delicious food is rather lovely!

What are the other perks of this job? Well, I don’t have achy feet and legs at the end of the day. Lazy bum office jobs are so much easier physically. Of course that does mean you have to compensate for that by doing extra exercise outside of work.

Some of the other niceties include the facilities at work. There are excellent facilities – the toilets are clean, the kitchenette area is clean, there is a pleasant canteen. The work stations are spacious and well -equipped. We have plenty of software tools to aid us. Security is well cared for.

There are challenges in my new job, but there also perks at work. I have to remind myself that in every employment, there are pros and cons.

If my tummy was the only judge – then this job crushes it!

11 thoughts on “The Perks Of Work”

    1. I have to admit though, when you are just staring at numbers all day trying to spot mistakes, it is good to get away from an hour. Sometimes, I feel so pressured by the volume of work and not eager to chat to people who are not on my wavelength, I am tempted to take a very short break, but I do notice the afternoon is more difficult if I do that.

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  1. It sounds like overall you like your new job. I love taking lunch to work after I got in the habit two years ago. Like you I make the best out of the hour I must take.
    I hope you continue to enjoy your job and your lunches. After all we spend way to much time there to hate it.
    I am glad to here you enjoy the “atmosphere” where you work as well. I make the most out of trying to enjoy the building I work in as much as I enjoy the job of sometimes spending the whole day staring at a computer screen too.
    Good luck with the new job and much happiness!!

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    1. On the scale between enjoy and endure – I think I am at midway point. My paid employment is soulless, joyless, and mechanical compared to my unpaid career which is gives me purpose, energy and enriches my life.

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