Processing The Past Two Months

It is two months since I started a new job. How am I doing?

What a great question!

The thing is…a lot has happened in those two months really. Although I have spent three days a week sitting at a desk staring at and typing into a computer – we call that processing – there has been a considerable amount of drama going on. It has not all been plain sailing!

My second week of work there were major disruptions to public transport. The craziest day when Storm Gladys rolled in – it was an epic journey home from work – one that took longer on the bus than it would have done to walk. Although, walking through a storm would not have been fun. But even in fair weather, public transport is not fun, especially if you time it wrong. If you share a carriage with school children who are badly behaved it is traumatic. For that reason I have been setting off early, and arriving in the office early….but still seem to be finishing late each day.

Work itself is pretty fine. I seem to be quite good at monotonous tasks – which helps when you work in Finance. Sometimes the particular processes we are supposed to use are a little confusing. I think its when contradictions come up that I am baffled. One person says we do this, another person says, no we don’t do that. Then I am told, it depends, we should not do it, but occasionally we have to do it. Yeah…when you are a newbie conflicting instructions are really helpful. I am the kind of person who prefers to see instructions in writing, rather than someone who was not really listening to my question giving me an answer off the top of their head (which may turn out to be the incorrect).

Then there is the whole negotiating working with new faces, new personalities, with their own outlooks. It’s mostly fine. It is really. There has been the occasional moment that made me feel like…I just could have wished myself a thousand miles away. I have to admit there are times when I do feel as if I am an alien from another planet…I think I have mentioned that before. I just don’t belong in a corporate setting. It goes against the grain. Or it is like sailing against the wind, against the current.

But I think that as well as the aforementioned challenges – the traumatic daily commute, the confusion in learning new processes and then unlearning them, and then relearning them, the trying to fit into a mentality that I am never going to fit to, nor would I ever want to fit into….well, what has made the first two months of my new job tiring are things that actually have nothing to do with my job. A close friend of mine sadly lost her life to cancer. A world leader invaded a neighbouring country and began a destructive and barbaric assault causing thousands of deaths and millions of people to flee for safety.

The past two months have been eventful. A job is just a way to earn enough money to pay the rent and buy food etc. My aim is to be reliable, punctual, competent, industrious and friendly with everyone. There are always challenges with change. I wish there were less challenges, I really do. Overcoming those challenges is just part of sailing…sailing on this voyage of life.

If only the waters were always calm as a serene duckpond…but that is not the case. Voyaging through these stormy times calls for all sorts of sailing skills, bearing down, tacking, adjusting the sails. How I long for peaceful seas of tranquility and safe harbours.

I have more to say on this subject though…so I think I am going to save the rest for another post.