Eau De Brine

I had a clear out of my fridge yesterday, because I had knocked over a jar of capers, and the briny solution they were in had leaked out all over my fridge. Even though I emptied it out and thoroughly cleaned the fridge and wiped everything I had inside – it still smells of brine every time I open the fridge door.

It was not the only mishap yesterday. Jack brought a bottle of red wine with him last night…and after a hard day of work, he decided to open this bottle of fancy red wine and pour out a glass for both of us. He then proceeded to put the  cork in (but not enough.)

Later on I opened the cupboard door to put some dishes away, and had a collision with the bottle. It ended up with red wine all over my wooden kitchen floor.

It is typical – always the expensive wines that end up being spilt!!! Well, you know what they say, “It’s no good crying over spilt Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru 1990”. That is a joke by the way – Jack has a strict limit when it comes to how much to spend on wine, and it is nowhere near $20,000 for a bottle.

I need to wash my hair. It smells of brine…and red wine.


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