Words To Treasure

As I pour over these words I cannot help wondering what was on your mind when you penned them?

Between shades of pain, hues of hurt, there are little wired sparks that give me insight into your thoughts, glimpses of emotions, and they speckle the page haphazardly – there is doubt, fear, longing – I ache for you.

Yet you kept going, you kept pouring your heart out onto the page, and I perceive in the splashes of hope and faith and jubilance that you had conquered.

Your precious words are now testimony to the person you had become – a mighty soul, full of excitement about waking up to be greeted by those you love most. I discern that you had grown into a pillar of strength and though your body was frail, inside you were far from crumbling. You knew you would live again.

Photo by Ena Marinkovic on Pexels.com