Shopping at the supermarket has become really odd recently. It is ever since news broadcasts started to report that food prices were rising. I have to admit, I am not usually particularly attentive to the price of food. I just stick within a budget, I know how much I can spend, and I buy what I ca afford.

But I started to notice about a month ago that items I do buy fairly frequently had gone up. The offers I normally take advantage of had disappeared. So I started to do something a little bit odd.

I started wandering around the supermarket feeling totally lost. What could I buy? What could I possibly buy? Even though I could afford the price increases in the items I normally buy, it made me strangely nervous. For the past three weeks, my shopping basket has had the most basic basic food, mainly just potatoes and the least expensive vegetables. I have had a lot of baked potatoes over the past few weeks (this week with my home made coleslaw!) because I suddenly felt as if I had to be super careful about how much I spend.

Of course, the result is, that even though food prices have risen, I have ended up spending about half of the amount I normally spend because this nervous distrust came over me.

I have reached the point where I am not sure I ever want to see another baked potato again in my life….and I have decided that I can actually start widening the variety of foodie items I place in my shopping basket.

10 thoughts on “Spudtacular!”

    1. Yes….I don’t need to have baked potatoes everyday. I went shopping last night after work, and I still felt that strange feeling of being lost. I look at the things I used to frequently buy and note the jump in price, and I end up wandering around for something that looks a more reasonable price, and end up with things I don’t really want to eat. lol – I hope it passes soon. It is all a bit odd.

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  1. I hear you; I refused to buy cucumbers all winter because of price, and now I try to plan meals around affordable ingredients. It feels a little like the big recession of the 1990s …


  2. I went shopping this morning and thought that I had done really well. I made sure that I shopped the sales for things I needed, I walked away from a few wants but in the end I still ended up spending the same as I always do. Everyone is commenting on it. One of my customers yesterday said he always buys when things are on special. Has a freezer full of meat and his kids keep asking why he buys on special. And it is for this reason. I mentioned to T that we might need to get an apartment freezer to stock up a little more when favorite items go on sale. )


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