It Matters To Me

Three years ago….

…I lost my little apricot.

What an eventful three years it has been. She would have been over two years old by now. That’s an amazing thought. But it is a thought that is not all sad, it is also very important to me, very special.

She (I don’t know for sure whether my little apricot was a girl) matters to me. Her life represents a million opportunities, a million interactions, a million thoughts and feelings and words and funny faces…and purposeful meaningful decisions and actions.

Her loss caused me grief because I know that she missed out on amazing opportunities….and I too lost out.

While watching the news about the events in Ukraine, I cannot help thinking of the value of life – all the opportunities, adventures, relationships, challenges and victories that life presents. Every single life matters, and it is hard to think of anybody being callous to the precious value of life. It is hard to see someone mindlessly ordering the bombing of areas that are clearly resulting in the loss of life of innocent people, including young children.

There will be justice. There will be an end to violence and the callous disregard for life. There will be a future without fear, without terror, without distrust. Of this I am sure….because it is not just to me that the precious gift of life matters…the one who paid the ultimate price…it matters much more to Him!

7 thoughts on “It Matters To Me”

  1. There is something very wrong…how can a man who behaves this way be in power? I cannot convey the depths of my outrage at the horrors he has unleashed. His crimes are making him one of the worst possible figures in modern history.

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  2. The evil in this world does not go unnoticed by Him, and all will be held to account. What is happening in Ukraine is a tragedy caused by greed and the quest for power. Heart breaking. 😦


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