Trend-Setter – Me???

I am definitely NOT a follower of fashion. But I think I have developed a sense of my style, the kind of clothes I like to wear, and make me feel great.

A very big part of my style is dresses….oh how I love my dresses. But I know at this stage that I suit knee-length fit and flair dresses, which are mostly one colour, or pain, but a little patterning is fine. I don’t seem to suit a dress which is all patterns.

You may remember that Jack bought me a couple of dresses at the end of last year, inculuding this one….

Oh how I love wearing this dress. It is so comfy, so feminine, so me!

Well….I wore it for work one day. I was a little worried about it, because it it does not match the plain black/grey/neutral palette that seems to be adopted in the office. But, there are no rules to say you cannot wear colour, or have a little embroidery in your clothing…so I went for it.

After lunch, one of the women who works on the same floor as me said “such a pretty dress”. I smiled and said, “thank you, I was worried it might be a little too hippy-ish”. She said, “no, no, no – it’s a lovely dress.”. I replied, “I do love my dresses”. She then called me a trend-setter!!

A trend-setter – me!!! Whoop whoop!!!

I….despite knowing nothing about fashion….have found a style that makes me feel great…and it turns out…I am a trend-setter!!! lol!!!


8 thoughts on “Trend-Setter – Me???”

  1. I LOVE THIS! I’ve had very similar interactions with the women at my job (I work in a library) and it’s part of what inspired me to start my blog! This is lovely! Congratulations!


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