What Do I Wear?

In my NHS role, I wore a uniform. Everyday I wore the same (I had three uniforms so I always had a clean one to put on). Before I went to work, I did not wake up and face the headache of a decision – what do I wear?

There are plenty of clothes in my wardrobe that are suitable for the office environment, but oddly, I have the same sensation every morning – that delusional feeling that is very hard to reason away of “I have nothing to wear”.

Suddenly, I wish I was back in uniform!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


9 thoughts on “What Do I Wear?”

  1. When I had to dress smartly for work I used to plan what I was going to wear each day at the weekend. Otherwise I’d have been exactly the same every morning – feeling as if I had nothing to wear. 🙂

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  2. Deciding what to wear every day to the office was something I dreaded and it got worse with time. I think Ashley’s idea is a good one, to lay out what you plan on wearing the night before.

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  3. Hi. I remember watching a YouTube who is into minimalism and she recommended creating your own work uniform, by preselecting a set of outfits. At first I was overwhelmed by the idea, but after a weeks it proved to be very efficient.

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  4. I hear you! In high school my friends and I tried to choose a uniform amongst us at some point, like black pants and white top, but as classic teenagers, we did not stick to it for very long. And for work, yeah, I still remember,…

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