Crumbs Of Love

I am on the outside, on the very edge of your universe. Yet I cannot forget the way you looked at me, the way I felt when you were on the way, the happiness that filled my heart to be near to you.

Still, Items, Things, Rocks, Stones, Carved, Heart

It is hard to understand when you love someone so much….how it can be that they can turn their back and walk away. Yet I still treasure and celebrate every single of crumb of love that he casts my way.

He just does not seem comfortable with that word “love”. Unlike me…I live for love and all the joy and adventure that it adds to life.


10 thoughts on “Crumbs Of Love”

    1. Too easy to believe that I was inadequate. Jack tells me that is not the case, and that he had no idea of my true value to let me go. Conclusion – they say love is blind – maybe when it comes to love, most of us need our eyes testing, or need to look from different angles.

      All I know is I miss him, and I am so glad we are still friends and communicate so regularly.

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  1. Short read “~ to the point ~ nice ~ can relate ~ agree wholeheartedly. To this day I treasure memories from a short-term relationship (duration 6 months) with a man last name ‘Joy’. Ironic. 🙂 I did realize that due to previous marital baggage we weren’t the best fit for long term.


  2. I feel so much for you, there is pain here. But I know that you have a habit of celebrating the positive. You are very blessed that things worked out with Jack – you two are perfect for each other.


  3. Sending you the biggest hugs my friend. You will miss him so much, but as someone once said to me when life was feeling empty, it might be cloudy but the sun is still there behind the clouds. I would bake you a cake and send it to you but I couldn’t do that to you. Thinking of you ❤️


    1. lol – when offers of baking cake sound more like threats than gifts….it is always a little worrying.

      Thank you Gary. I still love him….it’s just very different now. I am not at all into VD, I think it is all another commercial con, but this is the first year since I met him that he has not sent me a romantic message on VD. I sent him a message at the end of the day, and he sent me a brief reply.

      But it made me sad to detect the fading of our bond.


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