I Am No Good At Goodbyes

I really struggle with parting from people. Saying”goodbye” face to face is just too daunting for me. I bottle it. I am so much better with writing the words down – how I feel, how much they mean to me, and trying to make sure that they know I am not leaving because of them, I am leaving because of a challenge I cannot overcome, or because of an opportunity that I cannot turn down.

Like many other bloggers and writers, my love of writing began with letters to friends and relatives. In some ways, everything I write is a letter. I don’t always know who it is addressed to….but it is from the heart and I am hoping that whoever reads it will understand and relate to it, perhaps even treasure it.

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I have some pretty cards….and I am going to write messages in them for some of my colleagues who I will miss immensely when I leave at the end of this week.

Can you believe how quickly this is all happening? Next week, I start my new job. Crazy hey!! It does not seem long ago when I was convinced that I had completely embarrassed myself during the interview process.

Now I am preparing by sorting out my wardrobe – no more uniform – and making sure I revise on the kind of work I will be doing in my new role.

But it is very important to me to write these goodbye messages. I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not do this.


5 thoughts on “I Am No Good At Goodbyes”

  1. Cards are a really good idea. For writers, like you and I, they give time to think through what we are going to say. And they are a continuing reminder for the recipient of a friendship. Nice one.


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