A Voyage Into The Unknown

I am in an odd sort of place right now. If I use the term “limbo”, I think you may know what I mean. Its the sense of change in front of me.

Today I realized that two of my colleagues are not going to be around next week when it would have been my last opportunity to see them…which meant that today was “goodbye”….or as I prefer “see you later”. After all I only live a few minutes away. I will be popping by to say “hello”.

It’s a weird time. I am so fond of the team I have been working with for the past two and a half years. We have been through so much together – the Pandemic was no small challenge! We have supported and encouraged one another.

We are in a good place right now in many ways. Strong, well-trained team, with lovely qualities and a great team spirit. Now….at a good time…I am leaving…setting sail into the unknown.

Fantastic, Moon, Water, Boat, Tree

Life…so often it feels like a voyage. Storms….calm waters….you are never really sure what is ahead. But it is ok….at this point….I am a well-seasoned, well-travelled voyager. I know there will be trials, tribulations ahead…..but I also know that there are joys on the horizon – real, real deep joys.

It’s that feeling of the unknown that is a little daunting!!