The Randomness Of My Role

So….the long and short of it is, that I only have two weeks remaining at work. I am currently trying to make sure I tie up any loose ends relating to patients and admin so that if someone else comes along they are not left wondering what on earth to do.

I realized this past week that I do some very random tasks at work, and trying to type up some helpful notes for whoever takes over those random tasks is actually proving trickier than I expected.

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In particular, I have found it hard in areas where I have had to use a lot of initiative. How can I type in my notes….”when so and so says this to you, it is best to reply…” without that appearing rather cheeky. I have ended up with so many time consuming, annoying tasks, that were far from straight forward and required tenacity and resolve. One example of my favourite little turn arounds – when someone refuses a request I have made, I reply “I understand, but I will need you to explain that in writing to satisfy our inspectors”. You would not believe how cooperative that makes people.

I have been typing up notes on all the random tasks I have been shouldering for months, and my notes seem really crumby. They don’t really equip the next person to get the results I have been able to get by being a little bold at times. I am hoping that the next person will have or develop that gusto to make sure they do push to get the results they need.

In the meantime, I need to get back to work on these crumby notes, and make them as helpful as possible.

2 thoughts on “The Randomness Of My Role”

  1. This is why I’ve been glad that when I leave a job, I can just leave, lol. Maybe put the little tidbits you don’t want to appear as rude, as a entirely separate list? If you have the title as “Sayings that have worked for me”. Something like that.

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  2. I did something similar when I left a job, and like you, Caramel (may I put an ‘a’ on the end?) 😀 wanted to be helpful. When I popped in to say ‘Hello’ a year or so later, I found the person who had taken over had their own way of doing things, and many of the random tasks had been changed or discontinued.
    Personally I would be grateful for such a list but try not to stress too much about it. Good Luck in your new job.


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