New Job New Hair

Well…….not really new hair, more of a trim really. But it is long overdue. I just thought now is the time to tidy up my long hair. I am actually going to a different salon, one than I have never been before (partly because the salons on the high street where I live are so ludicrously expensive) but that looked smart and a couple of friends have recommended.

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I am suddenly realizing there are aspects of my work that will be different. I won’t have to wear so much PPE, I don’t think I will have to wear any at all actually. I won’t have to wear my hair up, I probably will clip it up, but I will be allowed to have my hair down. I will even be allowed to wear nail varnish in my new job!

These of course, are not the reasons I applied for this job, but it will be quite nice to have these little freedoms again. I am proud of being part of something very special, especially throughout the Pandemic, and I will miss my lovely colleagues, but I am ready for a change, and I am hoping that it does go smoothly.