Well I Never!

You may (or not) remember I have been working myself up into a right old tizzy about a three stage job interview.

I had a total confidence crisis…and started to feel totally pathetic…(don’t worry, I know a job interview does not define my worth, but the drama was was all getting to me).

I did say I would let you know the result, but I am still trying to get over it….

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…and when I say “get over it”….what I mean is, get over the shock.


I was not just surprised, but shocked when I received a phone call offering me the job. Well I never! It’s a funny old world.

Slightly mixed feelings….I love the team I work with….but this is a step I need to take for all sorts of reasons. Jack has been discussing these reasons with me for ages, and because I am both an extremely content person and a proper trooper, I have kept going, pushing my body, and just about covering my rent and food bills for the week, with a very little bit left. Jack has tried to tempt me to work for friends of ours in North London who have businesses, but I really like my little nest, and until we are married I want to stay here.

So there is a change ahead of me. It will be good for me physically. I am hoping not to be as exhausted. But it will be demanding in other ways. I do have almost ten years of experience in this field, but I have not worked in this area for a few years, so there will be lots of catching up to do. The good thing is, the two interviewers who I will be working with, well they seemed very appealing, and I feel very positive about that.