Overactive Mind

I have at lease twenty things pressing on my mind right now, all swimming around and jostling for attention. I have made a start to compiling a thorough guide to all the little tasks I have ended up doing at work….because it seems like a good idea. I am still awaiting the “verdict” in relation to the job interview I mentioned last week. I have friends who are keeping my mind busy – one with an exciting new project, one who is very very ill and starts palliative chemotherapy today, one who has just given in her notice to her job, one who had a back injury over the weekend and is struggling to walk….

…and the list goes on.

People, Alone, Girl, Thinking, Sad

Jack has been instigating some serious talks over the past few weeks. Some about our future, the wedding, the decisions ahead of us, and some discussions about right now. He has been very candid about the what will happen if I am accepted as a full time volunteer again when we marry: DESK JOB.

I spent so many years on site, in the thick of the action, in the midst of our wonderful volunteers….I don’t really want to be lumped with a desk job. But he reminded me that we do not pick our assignments.

All sorts is swimming around my head. I think I am going to look at dresses, pictures of lovely dresses, for some reason that does help to distract my mind from all sorts of pressing concerns.