Amazing! Literally…Amazed!

Well….what a week it has been so far. It has certainly been eventful. Here is a quick re-cap:

  • I had a job interview on Monday
  • In case you were wondering, I had technical difficulties and the assessments that were part of that interview completely confused me and I think it must have been pretty obvious that I was lost!!
  • I felt downhearted and slightly embarrassed on Monday evening that I had been so terrible with the assessments.
  • I had to check Jack understood his instructions and itinerary for the following day (our friends’ wedding)
  • I went to stay over with friends who the night before the wedding
  • I woke up on Tuesday and started getting myself ready and helping my dear friend get ready for her wedding
  • I received the most astonishing phone call, communicating I had not done as badly as I expected with the assessments and inviting me to the last stage of the interview. (AMAZING!!!)
  • We made our way to the registry office….Jack was nowhere to be seen!
  • I received a phone call from Jack, who was with a friend transporting the dolled up mobility scooter that was so essential to the wedding ceremony, saying they were stuck in traffic!
  • A friend of ours managed to come up with an ingenious solution to the lack of mobility scooter.
  • The wedding began (minus Jack and the sparkly mobility scooter).
  • Jack arrived before the vows and slipped in next to me
  • After the wedding ceremony and some photographs, the groom carried his bride out to the mobility scooter so she could give it a turn around the courtyard
  • We went back to a friend’s house for their reception – beautiful!

What an eventful week it has been so far!!! I am still amazed that after I thought I did disastrously with the assessments, I was invited to the last stage of the interview process. I still expect there are other candidates who are very worthy of this role, and have more qualifications and more up-to-date experience than myself. However, at the end of the day, the interviewers are also considering other factors, the character and qualities someone displays, and how well they will fit in with the team that are already in place. It is right and important for them to pick someone who they believe will fit in well, and be a positive contribution to the team. Something must have made them think I might potentially fit that bill. I have to be relaxed that at this last stage, I have to be relaxed with myself and also relaxed that they will pick the person who is right for their team.

Blond, Blonde, Girl, Mobile Phone

LIFE – so full of twists and turns, highs and lows, challenges and joys, battles and victories – and ever so many surprises!!! I think it is important to get out there and LIVE LIFE, because you never know what is around the corner.