What Would You Say To Encourage Someone?

I have scheduled this post to be published early in the morning….but I will only have chance to read any comments this evening. But I have a big scary day today – INTERVIEW (AAAAAAAGHH!) – and so I am wondering if I may kindly ask you a favour.

What would you say to someone who faces a disappointment?

A failure?

A rejection?

I don’t know for certain that will be the outcome….however, I am sure there is a lot of interest for this role, and I am also sure there will be other candidates with more qualifications than I. So frankly, I would be pleasantly astonished if I was selected!

I have a feeling that by Monday evening, after the interview is over, I will feel a little downhearted, so I am hoping so much you may have been able to share a few words that you would impart to someone to cheer them up after a disappointment. I would be so grateful…xx

I will make sure Monday evening is a chill out time – I know there will be a sense of relief to have the interview out of the way.