It Never Gets Boring

Sleep. Sleep, sleep, wonderful sleep. It never gets boring does it! I was working for very long hours, glued to a screen on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday evening, I just felt thoroughly exhausted. So…at about seven o’clock on Tuesday evening I decided an early night would be a good idea.

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I was in bed by eight o’clock, with a gorgeous sleep mask on because there were flashing blue lights outside my bedroom window (that’s London for you baby!) and within seconds I was out for the count.

I had set two alarms for myself for 7:30am on Wednesday morning. When my alarms began to go off, my brain and my body were not ready to wake up. Eleven and a half hours of sleep did not seem to be enough for me. I truly was tired!

So….last night, I decided to do the same.

I wonder how this morning will be.

lol – I don’t know. This post will be published while I am asleep!