Scoptophobia? Atychiphobia? Catagelophobia?

I spent much too long checking if there is an official term for the fear of interviews. I could not find one. The three phobias above may perhaps relate to this unreasonable panic I am feeling now that I have been invited to the second stage of an interview process for a job that looks ideal for me.

The job I have applied for – I have ten years experience in that field….but I have not worked in that sector for a few years. I am applying for it because it is part-time and local. I am sure there will have been a lot of interest in this post.

I am not insecure, and yet, the moment I am invited to an interview I start to panic! Perhaps the main reason for my confidence crisis at the moment is the gap since I last worked in this area. But look at what I have achieved during the Pandemic. I had to learn completely new tasks and complete training courses in record speed in order to fill a need. I did great!

I should be able to go back into a field in which I have so much experience and catch up. I can read, I can study, I can learn. Why on earth am I panicking?

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