Right…We’ll Agree To Disagree Then

I am glad to report that while I was away, I did have a little more time than usual to rest – which frankly I needed. But there is only so much time you can remain unconscious for.

So, I also had a little look at some of the parts of my WordPress blog site that I have neglected at times. The most amusing/disturbing of these was the old COMMENTS section. It never ceases to amaze me that out there, people will sit and think up bizarrely absurd comments.

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I am so glad that WordPress have some sort of scanning system in place and that most of the absurd comments end up in the spam section. 95% of these spam comments mention two particular items that I would never ever endorse or condone, so thank goodness WordPress feels the same way I do.

However, there were one or two rather frightening ones….one particularly concerning. Some plonker seemed to be trying to link “intimate” images of themselves (or who knows who) to one of my posts. Which if they had succeeded in any way, I believe I could now report as a crime. “Cyber-flashing” is apparently going to have stricter legal punitive measures.

Then there was another person who decided to tell moi, someone who has been working for the NHS under the most preposterous conditions throughout the Pandemic that although they had tested positive for covid, they were going to ignore all the protective measures asked of us, and take themselves off to a social gathering to circulate with others.

This is just a suggestion – but when commenting, is it not better to know who you are talking to before you launch your opinion or make a completely inappropriate comment? Or….if you want to leave a comment on the blog of a complete stranger, perhaps we can agree to stick to the very best of manners.