Rory Has Nominated Me For The Solidarity Blogger Award Again

Rory, the creator of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! has kindly nominated me for the Solidarity Blogger Award, as you can see from his post below:

Solidarity Blogger 1.png

Putting yourself on a stage or platform is not easy the first time. How will the audience react? Or…will anyone even turn up and be in the audience to begin with?

Do you remember your first blogging post? Or first few blogging posts? I remember mine. The reaction was kind of underwhelming I have to admit. I was not sure there was anyone out there. I was working hard on my posts, but there seemed to be hardly any response.

Then slowly slowly a few likes started to come. That was encouraging. It seemed there were actually real people out there and they were willing to take a look at my posts. Then came comments. Comments were so encouraging.

But slowly slowly more bloggers look at your posts and overtime the encouragement builds and builds to the point where you start to feel braver and more adventurous in the kind posts you will produce. You start turning your hand to new forms of writing and as you are inspired by other bloggers.

All this is part of something that we have come to know as:


There is wonderful supportive spirit amongst the blogging community. It is always appreciated when we receive positive encouraging feedback from other bloggers. Of course it is even better when we contribute to that supportive spirit ourselves.

We might have different personalities, different opinions, different beliefs – but it’s great to see that those differences don’t affect the encouraging spirit amongst the blogging world.

Like any community of people, we know that we all have our own individual highs and lows. It’s been very touching to receive a deluge of supportive messages of late from other lovely bloggers. That is really really lovely, a marvellous bonus of blogging. I never expected ten months ago that I would come into contact with so many caring people who take the time to send a stranger kind words to brighten their day.

It makes me all the more eager to be a solidarity blogger and contribute what I can to the lovely blogging community.