Beckie Has Nominated Me For The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD by Beckie, the creator of Beckie’s Mental Mess, as you can see from her post below:

versatile blogger award.jpg

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog – THANK YOU BECKIE!!!
  2. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
  3. Select 10 – 15 blogs/bloggers that youโ€™ve recently discovered or follow regularly and nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Seven Things About Me

  • I have never been to Australia before.
  • I am going to Australia in June to see my Goldfinch.
  • My Grandfather (who died a year ago) was Australian. He was actually from Brisbane.
  • I have an uncle and a brother in Australia, in addition to family I have never met before. My uncle has held office in Australia. My brother spends half of each year in the same city where Goldfinch’s home is.
  • I think I am going to drive myself a little crazy, and all of you a lot crazy, as I count the days until I am with Goldfinch again.
  • It’s going to take so much money to go to Australia, I am going to live on cup-a-soups for the next three months – you think I’m kidding don’t you!
  • I feel so sick with excitement, I think it’s a good job that all I am going to be able to afford is cup-a-soups – do you know Ainsley Harriet has a pretty nice range of cup-a-soups?

ainsley soup.jpg

Did I ever tell you that Ainsley Harriet stopped me to ask for directions? I was able to help him. I think I remember he responded with a wink and a “thanks darlin”.

My Nominees

29 thoughts on “Beckie Has Nominated Me For The Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Congratulations ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ All the best for your visit. But do have something substantial with your soup as three months is a long time just to exist on it. You donโ€™t want to lose too much weight.


    1. I shall also gratefully be accepting all the invites that come my way for dinner at the homes of my friends. I eat out around three evenings a week usually, and most of them dish out belly-busting portions!

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    1. Thank you MARIE-Cร‰LINE
      Cup-a-soups taste better than I remember – it’s years since I have had them. But some of them don’t mix very well, so I find a big clump of undissolved gunk at the bottom of my soup mug! I like Ainsley’s range though. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Wow, congrats on the nomination. How wonderful that you’re heading to Australia in June. Now, that’s exciting!!

    Funny you mentioned Ainsley Harriet, we’ve just binged watched a series he did called “Ainsley Eats The Streets.” It’s on Netflix here in Canada.

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    1. I am so excited about going Glen. When I said goodbye to Goldfinch in December, I thought I was unlikely to see him again. But I wanted to of course. I have been watching my pennies carefully and gradually gathering the money to get myself over there.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Lolsy
      I am hoping there would be maybe jackfruit on the barbie too….or if that wouldn’t work, I would be content with corncobs.
      When I visited Adelaide in the past it was June/July so it was winter over there. Not at all like a cold English winter, but there was no BBQ in action sadly. Goldfinch had a great home with a huge undercover area off the patio doors that leads onto the garden though, and I can see in the warmer months there must be a lot of al fresco dining.
      I think I would wilt in the Australian summers. But I would love to return to Adelaide maybe to see spring – which I am guessing is more like October time?

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