Sharing Myself Should Be Easier

So….I have been in an odd situation recently – interviews. I am not going to write about all the details now because, these interviews may all come to nothing. But there is one particular aspect of modern day interviews that terrifies the living daylights out of me!

Interview, Interview Process

It would seem that during the Pandemic, a new form of interviews has emerged out of the woodworks – VIDEO INTERVIEWS. Yikes!!! Nightmare!!!

Why should I be daunted by the interview process? I don’t mind sharing who I am and what makes me tick. I have been doing exactly that for the past three and a half years while blogging on WordPress. Especially during the questions that were directed to me in these blogging award nominations.

Well….I am going to be away next week and on top of that, my posts still seem to sometimes appearing in the WP Reader and sometimes not appearing in the WP Reader. So….I thought rather than stressing about writing lots of new posts and scheduling them to be published while I am away, I would go back to the archives and look back on some of the blogging “interviews” I have published.

Girl, Woman, Smile, Smiling, Happy

When I look back at these…I smile…because I like me. I am confident about the person I am, the person my parents trained to be. I am happy about the decisions I have made. As for the challenges that came along, which I had no control over – well, I think I dealt with them admirably, and I am grateful for the support I received to endure those times.

So….interviews….video interviews – why should I be daunted by them?

For the next couple of weeks….I am going to re-publish some of my blogging “interviews”….and I hope so much that while you are enjoying a well deserved rest, and hopefully spending time with the people you love most in the world, you remember that life is precious and that we all have an opportunity to make life even more special for those around us.

Treasure life. Treasure love.

As for the challenges that we have no control over – endure them with all the truth and dignity you can – very soon, we will look back on this turbulent period of confusion and stress and we will thrive – thrive and feel alive to the fullest extent. Just a little while longer…