He Is A Very Bad Example!

I don’t want to say this too many times – because it gets boring – but work is tough right now. When I see Jack on Saturday evening, I always feel pent up with work stress, but he is very good at helping me to unwind and relax.

This week it was with King Julian impressions!

Lemur, Animal, Wilderness, Nature

Jack suggested that when faced with a very difficult patient (there are some) I could imitate King Julian’s attempt at professional whistling. Yes, yes, Jack can do a great King Julian impression, including the whistling.

Then he started acting out asking a patient questions about their symptoms in a King Julian style, “What is it? Tell me! What is it? Why don’t you tell me! Fine – don’t tell me!!!”

Oh my goodness, before long I was crying with laughter. I am so glad for Jack – although he is ever so slightly insane, he is just so great at keeping me sane!!