Jack came over to mine on Saturday evening and made it clear he was very glad to see me (I won’t go into detail about that). He has cancelled everything this week. Work has all gone online, and all the soirees and parties he had been invited to (because everyone wants him at their party) he had either pulled out, or the organizers had cancelled anyway.

Jack is incredibly sociable, incredibly gregarious, so being alone is something he only really wants to be short term. He came over on Saturday clearly very glad to have company.

He also brought with him a lot of food he had bought for a drinks party he was supposed to host at his apartment this past week (but called off). So we have been eating nibbles all weekend.

Strawberries, Biscuit, Crackers, Tea

I also enjoyed it when he was nibbling at my ear, and neck and….well, I did say I wasn’t going to share any details so I won’t say a word more!