I Can’t Win Either Way

So…here is me gritting my teeth after being on my feet for twelve hours , determined to walk back to my nest in the rain rather than to risk loonies on the bus. Only….sometimes the pavements don’t seem much safer.

There were a group of women, around six of them, from what I could tell of their conversation, they seemed to be workmates. I don’t know what time they had started drinking that evening, but they were already in such a bad state they were oblivious to all around them.

Bar, Night Out, Happy, Women, Drink

The language coming out of their mouths was even worse than that dubious chap on the bus. They may have been pretty on the inside, but that was all tarnished by their foul mouths.

How I wanted to rush past them, but they were swaying and staggering all over the pavement….almost all the way to my home. They turned off into a popular pub on the high street.

Why do people behave that way in public? Could someone explain to me when it became a thing to be revolting like that in public?