I accidentally let slip something I had been trying so hard to keep a secret from Jack. Not that we keep secret from each other. But sometimes, as I am sure you will agree, there is no need to mention something.

Jack has taken an interest in a show available on BBC i-player. I believe it is also broadcast at some obscure time of night. It is Celebrity Apprentice Australia – a series with Lord Sugar himself at the wheel.

Sydney, Australia, Sydney Harbour

He started watching it on his own, and was so keen on it, he got me to watch it with him. I was quite keen on seeing how The Veronicas got on. They were the only people I recognized, other than Lord Sugar.

I am not really a fan of The Apprentice. Too much unlikeable behaviour from the candidates, but Jack seems to enjoy it. I have been watching it with him, because I like curling up with Jack.

So, what is the secret I had been hiding? Well….early on when Jack first made encouraged me to watch it with him, I goggled “Australia Apprentice” simply because I had no idea who the contestants were. I ended up reading all about the series, and found out who won each episode and who was fired.

This is not the first time I have done something like this. My sisters and my friends would tell you many stories. But I don’t blab. I keep the secret to myself. For some reason, it helps me to enjoy something like this series more. I cannot bear the tension. I find it much more enjoyable when I know who is going to win/lose.

Jack asked me late last night if we could watch the final together when it was going to be broadcast on the BBC. Something like midnight. I pulled a face. I needed to sleep. His face – he was so excited about seeing the final. He kept on trying to convince me to stay up and watch it. He said to me:

“Don’t you want to know who wins?”

Uh-oh!!!! It had to come up, and I am blaming tiredness and being sleep deprived for this….it had to slip out…

“I already know who wins.”

“What! What do you mean you know who wins? It’s the final tonight!”

“Yes, but I already know who the winner is.”


“Well….erm, I accidentally read it somewhere online.”

“Accidentally read it?”

“Well, “accidentally” is probably not the right word.”

When I came clean, Jack looked thoroughly shocked that for six weeks I had know the results of each episode and had managed to keep it a secret. I did not say anything because I did not want to ruin it for him.


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