Jack Knows The Way To My Heart

I have a serious weakness for new dresses. “New” to me that it is. I am especially happy if they come from charity shops – WIN WIN! – when it comes to so many tick boxes.

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

But every now and then Jack has “gifted” me with a new new dress. I seem to be growing fussier though. Perhaps it is because “my style” of dresses does not seem to be in fashion right now. I see lots of pretty dresses – but they don’t appeal, or I can tell they won’t suit me.

Jack had three dresses sent to me and he said he was happy for me to keep or return one, two or all three dresses, for a certain upcoming event. I am too nervous to write about it in case the spread of this variant changes the plans dramatically.

So, these were the three dresses….

I liked all three. They are beautiful dresses. One went back, and two I am really keen on. Can you guess? I will give you a clue. One really is a very obvious choice for me based on my current wardrobe. Jack should have known that if I looked at these dresses before, there is one that would definitely appeal to me. One was not what I would ever pick, but the dress was better than the picture, and when I tried it on I was amazed at how great it looked.

I could talk about dresses all day long with you….but I can’t I am afraid. I have to go to work!!

11 thoughts on “Jack Knows The Way To My Heart”

    1. The yellow one was such a beautiful dress – but suit me it did not. Strange shape on me, wrong length, and the yellow did not make me look well.
      But the other two looked sensational!

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