Err…I Think I’ll Walk

I don’t want to get involved in all the nonsense that is being broadcast on the news this week about foolish people – but it does seem to be a mess. Much of it does not effect me – but what does effect me is being crammed on a bus on the way to see one of my cousins, with a gang of twenty year old lads, none of whom are wearing facemasks.

I also saw a number of older men and women using the facemask as a chin or neck warmer, rather than covering their nose and mouth. You have seen them I am sure.

It’s all such a messy mess. I don’t care what politicians do – I always assume there is something very wrong with any person who decides to go into politics anyway. I don’t expect much of them. But, at the moment it is upsetting that there is less concern, respect, unselfishness on display than there was at the start of the Pandemic.

The only answer – leave the bus to the stinkypoops to share their lurgywurgies and instead leave my little nest a couple of hours earlier so I can walk six miles.