Where Did I Disappear To?

I have noticed something slightly odd over the past couple of days. I seem to have vanished from the WordPress Reader!! I checked, and I am still “following” myself, but my new posts have not been appearing in the Reader.

Some technical mystery that WordPress may or may not hold the answer to. Anyway…I am still here.


9 thoughts on “Where Did I Disappear To?”

  1. I have been receiving emails when your posts are published, but you are right three recent posts were not appearing in my Reader until I clicked your name.


  2. I found you in the Reader. I typed Caramel in search. This post appeared and the next post – Maybe I am Just Tired appeared along with many of your other posts. When I moved to a self-hosted blog it took forever for my posts to appear in the Reader.


  3. Yes! You’re not on my reader. However, I have been receiving your emails. You are not the only one. There are several others who are not on my reader. Glad I found you!😊


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