Maybe I Am Just Tired

Jack asked me why I am so determined to stay in the job I am in and the accommodation I am in. The reason he asked me is that work is sometimes very tough. The work itself is not tough, it is just that every now and then a patient is particularly challenging.

Of course, I know I will leave this job at some point. Jack and I will be living miles away from where I am currently based. But while I am here, I have to admit my nest is ideal, and I really do like the team I work with. They are lovely. It is so rare to find a team who do not use bad language or spread unkind gossip. Everyone is very nice. I don’t take that for granted.

Yes, work can be hard. Working in the health service is demanding, and at the moment it seems particularly tough. I am hoping it will settle a little.


But Jack said he was worried about me as I seem to be slightly demoralised. I explained it was that feeling of not enough time for the amount of work, so no matter how hard you work, no matter how much good you do, there is always the awareness of what was missed or neglected. It is hard to swallow.

Jack just said to be careful, no job is worth suffering detrimentally for. I agree. If I felt I was dreading work, I would rethink my choice to stay. But at the moment, I don’t feel that way. I look forward to seeing my teammates. I want to contribute to the team effort. I want to do what is in my power to promote positive healthy living…as well as kindness, joy, love for life and planet.

Maybe I am just tired.

I think Jack worries about me when he thinks I am “over-doing it”.