Our Working Relationship

I asked Jack if I can have a morning off on Sunday. He seemed very serious when he asked why. In case you are wondering, Jack and I work all day Sunday, and as technically he is my boss, I do need to ask him.

I told Jack, I just really feel I need to have a morning when I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn. I just want to have the chance to sleep without setting an alarm.

Bedroom, Bed, Sleep, Pillow, The Room, Bed Linen

I think all week I have suffered after the neighbours crazy party last weekend, when they played music so loud that the sofa and then the bed were vibrating. I put ear plugs in, but they did not succeed in drowning out the music.

Ever since I have just not felt right. My head really suffers when I don’t have enough sleep. So I asked Jack if I could have a late start this Sunday. He asked me a question I was not expecting….he asked if there is any possibility I could be pregnant.

It is really odd when your fiance is your boss – let me tell you!!!

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