Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

So…there is this bloke who I keep seeing around.

He looks very much like Rupert Penry-Jones, as pictured on the left here. But it is not Rupert Penry-Jones. I know this chaps’ name. I also know his wife’s name. I know where this bloke works too. No, I am not stalking him, he just happened to be one of my customers once upon a time, and he told me random things about himself (why do people do that?)

The odd thing about him is he always used to pay extra for bells and whistles that were completely unnecessarily. It felt like he was flashing the cash. This is a habit that irritates me, so one day I told him that those extras were rip-off noncities and he was a sucker for falling for them – well words to that effect. He made out as if he did not have to worry about his bank balance. In my mind, I thought to myself – what a silly man!

I saw him and his wife getting out of their car a few weeks later and going up to their apartment. I also know that his employers are right at the top of the financial world. Well….during the Pandemic, they seem to have moved in to a house on the road I live on (this is a hooty tooty sort of area).

Since then, we seem to walk past each other two or three times a week…and just as I recognize him, I think he recognizes me. To me he is the guy who wasted money on nothing. I wonder if to him I am that outspoken annoying woman. I also wonder if he wonders how I can afford to live on this road.

I should not laugh….oh, but for some reason I do!