My Weakness For School Supplies

I am careful with my money – well, I have so little I have to be careful. But I realize I have one particular weakness that I need to watch myself with.

It would appear I have an addiction to stationery.

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It started back in my school days. Before we went back to school after the holidays, my Mumma would buy us new pens and pencils for the schoolyear to come. It stirred our enthusiasm for rolling up our sleeves and cracking on with comprehension exercises.

I love the feeling of paperwork being organized and so I have always taken pride in having snazzy files and dividers. I love a well-stocked and tidy stationery supply drawer.

Near to where I work, there are two posh stationery shops….and their window displays are so eye-catching. I am going to try to close my eyes while I walk past them so they don’t put images of gorgeous stationery into my mind that I cannot forget.

6 thoughts on “My Weakness For School Supplies”

  1. I don’t get it myself but my wife… I took her to New York a few years ago and she was having a pretty great time until.. we spotted an enormous stationery emporium and she was in heaven. Talked about nothing else for days…


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