I Wonder Where It Is Now

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What is your favourite game or memory involving a game?

My one word reply to today’s prompt is: MONOPOLY!

Why do I like monopoly? It seems contradictory to who I am as a person. In real life, I have no fond feelings at all for the economic system existing today. Greed is disgusting. I profoundly disagree with real-life monopolies and extremes in economic circumstances.

I do not think people should be allowed to become super-rich, while there are super poor people struggling to provide a meagre amount of food for their families. I think the whole economic system is bonkers and grossly inadequate and immoral. And as for all of the pollution and devastation to our planet that big business is responsible for…ugh, it makes me sick.

monopolyBut I have always enjoyed a game of monopoly. It goes on for hours and there is so much opportunity for banter. We have had many hilarious nights with great characters during monopoly games over the years. I relish the chance for a monopoly night with close friends and family, but I do have to be careful who I play with, because over the years I have learnt that some people (including the likes of Goldfinch) take board-games very seriously. In fact I reckon if I played my style with Goldfinch he would end our relationship permanently!! I wrote about this subject in the post below:

Nobody Will Play With Me!

isle of man.jpgI think one of my favourites was in The Isle Of Man. I had recently purchased a travel min-monopoly set. We turned up at the ferry terminal in Douglas only to find that the sea was just too rocky for the Sea-Cat to sail back to Liverpool. Several hours after our scheduled departure, we would all be loaded onto a bigger ferry (The Ben-Me-Cree) that seemed to bob up and down like a cork and made us all feel extremely ill.

travel monopoly.jpgDuring the time we were waiting in the ferry terminal listening out for announcements about how we were going to get back to Liverpool, I decided it could be an opportunity to produce my mini-monopoly set. It drew some interesting characters indeed! There was a young boy who was a brilliant player and kept on rolling the numbers he wanted on the dice (I think he was about eight years, his name I can’t recall – was it Joe? I don’t know). There was my good friend Rick, who had taught me how to cheat. There was a married couple who were very posh, but turned out to be a riot! There was a mother and daughter who decided they would be a team rather than play against each other. We also had an older lady (she was in her seventies who was giggling throughout the game.

playing games while waiting.jpgThat game was so much fun. There was lots of banter and teasing throughout. Rick kept on trying to get Joe to sell him property at scandalous prices. Joe was as hard as steel. Everyone revealed a great humoured personality. I loved it! Because it was clear we were having a great time, we ended up drawing a crowd of spectators, who were clearly wanting either our eight year old or our seventy year old player to win.  Playing monopoly with a group of fellow travellers, some of whom we had only just met – so much fun! I would highly recommend travelling with a mini-game or a pack of cards and being willing to play with strangers if your flight/boat/train is delayed. It definitely makes the time go more quickly.

I wonder where on earth my mini-monopoly set is now?

17 thoughts on “I Wonder Where It Is Now”

  1. What a great post! I always have a pack of cards in my purse, but I wouldn’t offer to play with strangers. I’d just play games or read on my phone. I’m a game person from way back, but I like to play casually. I don’t care about winning & I don’t like to play with ppl who obsess over winning/points. Often, we play team games and the teams are different each time, so someone you played against last week is your teammate this week. And our games vary too.

    My first husband couldn’t play games because he couldn’t bear losing. My second husband thought games were too boring and thus beneath him. I do believe that “game compatibility” is important and reveals something deeper about values. I like someone who can relax and have pointless fun.

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    1. Thanks Paula. I grew up playing with some little girls who were extremely pedantic about rules and it took all the fun out of playing.

      Goldfinch is not pedantic. However, games are a serious hobby/interest of his. He has been to clubs and plays with others who just really enjoy gaming. He said they would be completely unimpressed if I went along and started cheating. I would probably be kicked out of the club.

      I like a lot of the other ways Goldfinch relaxes though 🙂

      I love playing card games. But often I cannot remember how to play them. I always have to ask for a bit of a tutorial before I get the hang of it.

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  2. The thing about Monopoly is that everyone seems to have their own set of rules and very few follow the actual rules, especially with regards to the bank auctioning off a property if someone lands on it and doesn’t want to buy it. Played the way the rules say, it takes less than an hour, which is probably why no one plays it that way…

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    1. Most of the games I have played have gone on for hours John! The only game that I ever won, was the game where I did not cheat. I don’t cheat to win, I cheat to make the game more interesting and funny. The reason I did not cheat in that game is because we were playing a Braille version and one of the contestants was registered blind. I did not want to cheat, because it felt very wrong. That is the only game I actually ever won.


  3. Did you know that the original monopoly game (before Parker Bros bought it) was meant to teach the “evils” of capitalism? That’s why there’s a jail lol

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    1. I had no idea – that is very interesting indeed.
      My parents had a game called “Generosity” that was like the opposite to Monopoly. You were supposed to do good and be generous…only we used to play it back to front and try to hoard our shekels!

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