If Only I Could Be A Penguin

When I have been on my feet all day, my heels and soles are burning, my ankle is hurting, my calves are throbbing, my knees are twinging and thighs are pulling tight, and to be truthful, I wonder how on earth I am going to get myself home!

Well….I was watching a documentary about penguins (because it lifted my spirits) and wow, what an inspiration. If only I could move around like a penguin!

I would start the day sliding on my belly all the way down the hill to get to work. Yee-hah!!! What a rush that would be! I am sure that would set me up for the day.

And if I know anything about penguins after watching an hour of footage dedicated to their travels, it’s like they prefer to avoid the miserable scenario of waddling uphill. What they prefer, is to swim through the water and then propel themselves up through the air for a dramatic landing.

There must be a way I can also launch myself from work up the hill to where my nest is. It would be such a brilliant way of travelling home each evening – don’t you think?!!

4 thoughts on “If Only I Could Be A Penguin”

  1. I know the feeling you described at the beginning of your post. I would settle for Star Trek style “beam me home Scottie” technology. But I like your penguin style ideas about transport.


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