Four Whole Years

The last Saturday of October – the clocks go back one hour….and I spend that hour, and the rest of the night remembering how Goldfinch fluttered into my life.

Happy happy memories of a man who came along at just the right time.

❤ Thank you Goldfinch ❤

8 thoughts on “Four Whole Years”

  1. I read some of your older posts and please correct me if I’m wrong. Is Goldfinch a man you were once romantic with but he now lives very far in another country? And you are still very close friends?

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    1. I met Goldfinch four years ago when I was on holiday. It was just over two years after I was attacked, so I was very uneasy around me. But he was just wonderful!
      He remained in England for another 13 months after I met him. Yes…he now lives on the opposite side of the planet. Yes, we stay in touch. I love him very much.

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      1. Ok so one more question. Jack and Goldfinch are 2 different people? I tried catching up on your posts but I think I made myself more confused so I’m sticking to current posts lol. 🤣🤣


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