In A World Of My Own

I did something last night which was a first for me.

I have a very basic phone. Very very basic. It is not a smart phone. It is something I carry really only for emergencies, as I tend to use my land line for calls, and email or paper for longer reports on my goings on to family and friends.

But I have noticed that this very basic phone has a radio function. I have never used it before. But when I have accidentally clicked on it, a message appears on the screen saying “INSERT HEADPHONES”.

That is something I have never tried out, until last night. I went for a walk. I just needed to clear my head. I went for a walk and was accompanied by Classic FM on my basic little phone the whole way along.

It was wonderful! Perhaps I timed it just right, they were playing some of my favourite pieces of beautiful classical music. It was stunning. I was transported to another place. Another world. I was in a world of my own – and it was spectacular!!