Defining “Nnnyeah”

Jack has bought me a new coat. That is very kind of him. He knew I was on the look out for a coat to replace the one I have been wearing for the past five years or so.. I love my teal coat, love it, it’s been up mountains and it’s sheltered me from torrential rain. But I have ripped three of the six pockets and it is looking a little shabby. It’s still ideal for gardening, but I realized I probably do need to visit charity shops more frequently to find a replacement.

Jack saw me flicking through a catalogue recently, and I saw a teal coat which at first I liked the look of. I just did not like the inner layer. It was sort of a strange greenish, and it did not look right with the teal outer. He leaned over and said to me, “What do you think of the red one?”

I replied, “Nnnyeah.” Now most people understand that really means, “Yes, it’s a nice coat, but not for me.” Most people would know that. But it seems I have never made that clear to Jack.

So imagine my surprise when it turned up a couple of days later, delivered through Hermes and in a gift box. Jack!!!!

He bought me a red coat. My capsule wardrobe is based on blues and teal, and he bought me a red coat.

Jack says I suit red. I asked him how he knows when I never wear red. He said when he met me years ago, I used to go running in a red waterproof. Actually it was more of a raspberry pink, and I still have it under my bed. I only chose it because all of my clothes were from charity shops and when I was looking for a light waterproof to go running in, it was the only one I could find. Jack said it suited me a lot.

So, my memory of wearing that jacket, was me running in the cold and drizzle and ending up with a very red face, and people who knew me saying, “Your face is the same colour as your coat”.

Which is why….I never wear red.

Until now!

Jack has bought me a new red, very red, coat. He is such a lovely man, and I ought to be nothing except grateful!! But I have warned him, every time someone says to me during the next few months, “Oh Mel, your face is the same colour as your coat,” I am going to give him one of those looks! You know the looks that mean, “Darling, you are washing the dishes tonight.”

14 thoughts on “Defining “Nnnyeah””

  1. I was on your main page trying to go back and find your very first post explaining who Jack is. I am having a hard time finding the first one. I have read a lot on your “Jack” series but I’m still confused. Is there a certain order or can you post a link so I know where to start? I’m really enjoying binge reading your blog 😊 ☺


    1. Oh dear, I do need to spend some time updating links. I know it is all a bit of a mess because I have republished some posts. OK…I think it is easier if I list the main Storm In A Teacup Series here. Give me some time and I will prepare a separate comment with some up-to-date links.


      1. Awesome thank you 😊. Its a rainy lazy day where I’m at so I’m spending my day reading and catching up on blogs. Im really looking forward to yours. 😁


  2. I can’t wear red because of my hair. But I am sure red will suit your lovely caramel locks. Tell him next time he is going to do something like that, he should ring me first to check whether you will like it. I won’t spoil any surprises.


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