Defining “Nnnyeah”

Jack has bought me a new coat. That is very kind of him. He knew I was on the look out for a coat to replace the one I have been wearing for the past five years or so.. I love my teal coat, love it, it’s been up mountains and it’s sheltered me from torrential rain. But I have ripped three of the six pockets and it is looking a little shabby. It’s still ideal for gardening, but I realized I probably do need to visit charity shops more frequently to find a replacement.

Jack saw me flicking through a catalogue recently, and I saw a teal coat which at first I liked the look of. I just did not like the inner layer. It was sort of a strange greenish, and it did not look right with the teal outer. He leaned over and said to me, “What do you think of the red one?”

I replied, “Nnnyeah.” Now most people understand that really means, “Yes, it’s a nice coat, but not for me.” Most people would know that. But it seems I have never made that clear to Jack.

So imagine my surprise when it turned up a couple of days later, delivered through Hermes and in a gift box. Jack!!!!

He bought me a red coat. My capsule wardrobe is based on blues and teal, and he bought me a red coat.

Jack says I suit red. I asked him how he knows when I never wear red. He said when he met me years ago, I used to go running in a red waterproof. Actually it was more of a raspberry pink, and I still have it under my bed. I only chose it because all of my clothes were from charity shops and when I was looking for a light waterproof to go running in, it was the only one I could find. Jack said it suited me a lot.

So, my memory of wearing that jacket, was me running in the cold and drizzle and ending up with a very red face, and people who knew me saying, “Your face is the same colour as your coat”.

Which is why….I never wear red.

Until now!

Jack has bought me a new red, very red, coat. He is such a lovely man, and I ought to be nothing except grateful!! But I have warned him, every time someone says to me during the next few months, “Oh Mel, your face is the same colour as your coat,” I am going to give him one of those looks! You know the looks that mean, “Darling, you are washing the dishes tonight.”