The Scale Of The Challenge

There once was a very tired lorry driver. He was on his way back to the distribution center after delivering his cargo to branches of a large supermarket chain. He had been on the road most of the day, and he was looking forward to reaching home where he could rest with his wife an children.

But just as he was turning onto the motorway, he felt several loud pops, followed by an unwelcome grinding noise. It took all his strength to safely turn the lorry onto the hard shoulder.

On climbing out of his cabin and inspecting the wheels, he realized that three of his tyres had been damaged and now the tyres were flat.

Wheel, Tire, Truck, Breakdown, Flat Tire

He was about to call for assistance from a recovery service when a car pulled up behind him and a man emerged from the car and strolled over to him.

The car driver stated the obvious, “Ah, I see you are in a spot of bother. May I offer my services?”

“Thanks mate! Are you a mechanic then?” asked the lorry driver.

“No, but I have something that will help,” he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a packet of sticking plasters (band-aids) and handed them to the lorry driver.

Graphic, Bandaids, Ouch, Scrape, Prick

Confused, the lorry driver asked, “How will these help?”

“Well, I figured you had a puncture. So I thought sticking a plaster on the puncture should patch up the damage so you can continue your journey.”

Baffled, the lorry driver watched in bewilderment as the car driver smiled and turned to walk back to the car. The lorry driver felt incensed that the car driver seemed to be mocking his dilemma by making light of it. With anger in his voice, he called out, “Thanks a lot!”

The car driver beamed and waved before he opened his car door. He responded cheerily, “Don’t mention it. Always happy to help a fellow motorist.”

With that the car driver pulled out onto the carriageway and joined the flow of traffic. The lorry driver shook his head and made dialed the number for the recovery service.


What is the moral of the story?

We don’t need more insignificant feeble efforts or just positive words from those who do not understand the scale of the challenges we face. We need real solutions, real action, real change.