I was watching the BBC news a few weeks ago when a journalist pointed out that an article which had landed itself on the front page of a UK newspaper (about turkeys being imported from Poland to meet the demand during the holidays) was hardly “newsworthy” in view of all that was going on in the world at the time.

I felt the same way today. Hours of discussion about the possibility that toys might be effected by the issues facing the logistics network in the UK – effecting the contents of containers sitting at ports making their way to retail shelves. Really? Who in their right mind is worried about children in this country not having the flashiest new toys….when hello….we are worried about millions facing the prospect of winter without power, without income?

Indian, Child, Barbed Wire, Barrier

I have always found it very uncomfortable that so much is wasted during the festival to commercialism that Christmas has been in my lifetime.

Please….it is actually disturbing to think of the fuss made on this story. Here would be a wonderful newsworthy story: children in western lands say “no to wasting money on unnecessary toys” (perpetuating the lie that possessions mean happiness) and “please send your excess wages to keep people who have been plummeted into dire poverty alive over these winter months ahead”.