I’m Going Yellow!

I now have it in my possession. My 2022 diary!

Every year I use a diary from Paperchase, with a hardback magnetic fastener. My diary is in and out of my bag every day, so the magnetic cover protects it from being ruined.

I am always intrigued to see what the new diary will look like. Each year, there only seems to be one style of hardback diary with a magnetic clip fastener with two days to a page. However, this year, after checking the Paperchase website almost daily and lurking suspiciously in my local Paperchase branch to check their new deliveries of diaries, it seems that the only choices of magnetic diaries were either an A5 version (bigger than normal) or an A6 version (smaller than usual).

In the end, I opted for an A5 version – Jack told me I will be very busy next year so I need more space, not less space, which means I am now the owner of one very yellow, honeycomb pattern, covered with embellished bumble bees, A5 very yellow diary!

One of the moments that ways makes me smile is writing entries on the blank pages. Glorious!

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