Nothing To See Here

I am one of those people who try to crack on with the work no matter how crazy things get. I also tend to overlook incidents that are really not ideal – because, well, I guess because nobody is perfect and I don’t want to be harsh and judgemental, I want to be kind and forgiving.

In some respects I understand positive thinking. But in other respects…well, I think sometimes cocky overconfidence, maintaining a positive view when all the evidence is pointing to a serious breach, a serious flaw, a serious case of “this ship is sinking, why aren’t we in the lifeboats yet?”

Ship, Listing, Galapagos Islands, Sea

What worries me more, is when the ship is sinking, and yet there are an alarming number who are still showing themselves mainly concerned about being able to enjoy the advertised entertainments, and who are demanding access to the buffet table.

I worry about the bury your head in the sand, blindly disregarding the seriousness of a situation. That kind of “I’m alright Jack” (not my Jack of course) positivity is worrying.

5 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here”

  1. I thought exactly the same when I saw the papers today – nothing to see here! No, not if you bury your head in the sand, there is nothing to see.


  2. I believe in being positive, but what I saw this week, that is arrogance and indifference and irresponsible. Something seriously wrong with this picture.


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