What Kind Of Twisted Fantasy Are You Suggesting?

On my way to work I pass a perfume shop. Recently they started displaying a large poster of the baddie in Star Wars. Not Darth Vader, but one of his progeny – I have lost track of all the new characters.

I don’t know the actor’s name, but I do know he plays the baddie in the last three Star Wars films, and he even turned on his own father, Han Solo.

This poster on display reveals him bare chested, rising up out of water, all sort of romantic fantasy-like. Are they kidding? What kind of twisted fantasy would that be? Imagining romantic occurrences with the guy who turns on Han Solo and attacks all the little kiddie-winkles?

I mentioned it to one of my colleagues and she said she had exactly the same reaction. It is very weird…all a bit creepy. I am sure the real life actor would not do those terrible things….but he will forever be famous as being the scary creepy baddie. Seeing him featured as some kind of romantic fantasy – I cannot get my head round it.