My New Neighbours

It’s been a busy weekend – so here is another post from the archives!

There is a nest within the camellia bush that is just above my bathroom window. I have been hearing tiny little cheep cheeps, tweet tweets from it. I don’t want to disturb the nest in any way, but I would love to know what kind of little bird has moved into the camellia.


Last night when I came home after midnight, I realized there was no tweeting. I guesses it was because the little chicks were fast asleep. I would like to imagine their parents have them kept warm under their wings. It made me start wondering if little birds need the same kind of sleep that we do? I slept like a little baby last night. The night before I had the strangest dream about Goldfinch (save that for another post) and the night before that I was awake worrying about my family member with cancer.

Anyway…I am very pleased to have some new birdie neighbours I have to admit 🙂

Can’t talk about cheep cheeps and tweet tweets without thinking of this: