My Heart Just Did Something Like This

I was looking through my older posts and found this one. Now I actually have bookmarked some of the websites in which random photos of Jack other people have taken have appeared. It makes me laugh so much that pictures of him seem to get everywhere!

I just had a shock…it was weird, at first awful and then wonderful and then painful and then calm.

I was looking at Google Maps searching for directions to a venue I am going to at the weekend.  There are 84 photos attached to the venue that various people have posted onto Google Maps.

The first photo was a close-up of Jack at the venue!  My ex-flatmate!  It popped up on my screen. My heat went loop the loop!  What a strange strange moment.

Just in case you are new to my site and have no idea who I am talking about…these posts will explain:


Oh my goodness – I need a cup of tea to calm myself down.

27 thoughts on “My Heart Just Did Something Like This”

  1. Anyone’s heart would do a leap when something like that suddenly appeared on their computer screen. It was completely unexpected. However based on your post here, though it threw you for a loop, you are handling it with aplomb and a cup of tea. You have this my girl.

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      1. There is a difference in how you write. Previously it was tinged with held over emotions. You acknowledge that it hit you and moved on. Maybe I am simplifying but I see the difference in how you have written. 😘

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        1. I didn’t have a clue when I started blogging what I was doing…but I feel as if I have become more relaxed about it and am enjoying getting what is inside my heart out onto the page.
          Reading other blogger’s posts is fascinating because everyone expresses themselves so differently. It has made me realize how many ways there are to get across a thought or sentiment.

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          1. You are an amazing writer. I love reading your posts. And the more you write about situations that made you feel powerless the more you take your power back. Took me a long time to realize. So when I see others who are/have struggled I want to encourage and help. Anyway I can. Lol I am the ancient guru 😂😂😂

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            1. That is so kind of you. I really appreciate your encouragement.
              I realize I am in contact with some incredibly talented bloggers who write flash fiction and poems that are so good, I know not much of my content is creative, a lot of it is just personal nuggets from my life and my world, but I am enjoying the challenge of trying to make that interesting to others.
              It has been really good for me to write about Jack particularly…helped me to straighten a lot out in my mind.


  2. So , I finally read all your previous posts on this subject! I must say that
    1: you write very well. The reader is totally engrossed in the events unfolding and want to know what happens next.
    2. In reading all that happened, you come across as the mature and well balanced adult, while “Jack” seems like an overgrown teenager, albeit kind and attractive ( I am guessing here). You have handled the situation, which was very awkward, with grace. All credit goes to you.
    And 3rd and last point, all the awkwardness in the flat, was created by him. I am sure that even if you do run across him again, you will be totally in charge of yourself. Thanks for sharing. Loved to read all about you roller coaster moment.

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    1. Sadje, I am amazed you were able to get through those posts.
      You are incredibly kind.
      It’s a situation that got an awful lot worse…and in the future when I have the emotional energy I will write more.
      I need a break from thinking about him for a while.
      I am enjoying my time with Goldfinch and don’t want Jack to spoil that.
      Thank you for your wonderful encouragement and taking the time to read those posts.

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    1. Thank you for pointing that out. I republished some of these so the URL seems to have changed. I have tweaked my post a little so that hopefully the links included are up to date.

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