My Heart Just Did Something Like This

I was looking through my older posts and found this one. Now I actually have bookmarked some of the websites in which random photos of Jack other people have taken have appeared. It makes me laugh so much that pictures of him seem to get everywhere!

I just had a shock…it was weird, at first awful and then wonderful and then painful and then calm.

I was looking at Google Maps searching for directions to a venue I am going to at the weekend.  There are 84 photos attached to the venue that various people have posted onto Google Maps.

The first photo was a close-up of Jack at the venue!  My ex-flatmate!  It popped up on my screen. My heat went loop the loop!  What a strange strange moment.

Just in case you are new to my site and have no idea who I am talking about…these posts will explain:


Oh my goodness – I need a cup of tea to calm myself down.